Andrew Russell Ladder Back Rocker

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James Bellizia

James and his crew made nearly 300 silk screened American flags in all colors for the Superball Nine festival.

These colors don't run.

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Rob Purvee

Entrance designed and built by Rob Purvee of Grant Builders while he worked as resident at Pine Street Studios.

Rob Purvee designed and built this entrance, including the columns while working as a resident at Pine Street Studios.

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Larry Ribbecke

The Wave Window was drawn in December 2010 by Lawrence Ribbecke, for a private residence in Vermont which overlooks Lake Champlain. It was built over the next four months and was installed in May, 2011. It measures seventeen feet wide by seven feet high, and sits ten feet above the floor

The Wave Window catching some light

of the large living room which faces the lake.

Larry working on the layout for his wave window
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Rob Healy

rob healy portrait

Rob Healy completed a two month residency with us during the winter of 2011.  He built a number of pieces of furniture.  All of which, he sold during a closing party he hosted at Pine Street Studios.  He has also cast a number of pieces with us over the past year.  Rob is one of the farmers at Shelburne Orchards where he has worked for over ten years.

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Brooke Scatchard

My time as a Pine Street Studio Resident has allowed me to complete a number of custom metalworking projects.  The two most recent projects have assisted my work with the Fellowship of the Wheel, a local non-profit trail building club.  The first job was a custom designed gravel hauling trailer to be towed behind the Fellowship’s Rokon two wheel drive off road motorcycle.  My next project was another custom trailer for the Rokon, this time designed to tow logs and lumber.  This “Loggers Arch” enables the Fellowship to move wood easily along our trails to construct bridges over wet areas.  The space, tools, and expertise offered through the PSS residency program was essential to the construction of these devices.


Check out more projects that Brooke has worked on while at Pine Street Studios here:

Brooke demonstrating his trailer.

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Clark Derbes

The totem pole was the first major piece Clark created while a resident at PSS. After it was installed he began to explore wood sculpture (hewn from logs with a chainsaw). These wood sculptures have been an ongoing series that have been exhibited at the local and national level.
Clark Derbes work can also be seen at
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Abbey Banks

Abbey Banks is an artist from Brattleboro Vermont who completed a two month long residency with Pine Street Studios.  Burlington City Arts hosted a show of her work at the end of the residency.

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Ethan Bond-Watts

“The Pine Street Studios residency offers artists a beautiful work space with high ceilings, tons of natural light from south facing warehouse windows, and a garage door that could accommodate an African elephant.  But the best part of the residency is being surrounded by an unequalled diversity of talented artists, artisans, and fabricators, both at the Studios and in the surrounding neighborhood.  Pine Street Studios is physically and energetically located at the heart of the Burlington, Vermont art scene.  No matter what your project is, there is someone within a five minute walk who has relevant experience and expertise,  and who would love to talk with you about it.  This residency makes it possible to manifest your vision.”

check out:

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Oriana Shaplin

A cast iron portrait by Oriana Shaplin.Oriana Shaplin has poured over two hundred pounds of iron at different iron pour workshops over the past four years.   And she took part in  a two month residency where she completed a body of work for the Design Haus in the fall of 2009.

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